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  1. Aoa;
    Nice article
    I have recently purchases daihatsu mira 2009 and tried to connect ecu to mobile via obd2 bluetooth adapter(china clone version1.5). But all invain. I would really appreciate if you inform me about exact protocal this car uses.

  2. Hi, do you know which ODB2 device and what software is supported with Suzuki Alot JDM 2015 model?

  3. Hello here,

    I work on mainly vehicles that are made for the Japanese domestic market

    I am +trying to locate a reasonable price scan / diagnostic tool that cam communicate with these vehicles.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Michael Clarke

  4. I have Daihatsu Move, LA 100S, model 2011, I have OBD2 scanner which I connect, can see different parameters, but how would I know the all the parameters are in range, where can I find the ranges.


    • This requires vast education of EFI systems. Many values are directly or indirectly proportional to others. Try to take some online youtube learning sessions.

  5. Hello.

    I have tested many elm 327 on Mehran Euro2 2017 but unable to connect, I read somewhere it hase ISO 9141 protocol but devices supported with this protocol also not able to.connect with ecu.

    What scanner could be connected?

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