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AUTOOL CT200 Petrol Car Motorcycle Injector Cleaning Tool 6 Cylinder Ultrasonic Clean Tester

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  • Brand Name:AUTOOL
  • Software Version:Newest
  • Item Type:Other
  • Hardware Version:Newest
  • External Testing Certification:CE
  • Electronic:No
  • Item Height:30cm
  • Model Name:CT200 Fuel Injector Cleaner&Tester
  • Material Type:Plastic and metal
  • Voltage:220V/110V
  • Item Width:40cm
  • Item Weight:24kg
  • Item Length:50cm
  • Power:70W
  • Special Features:Fuel Injector Cleaner&Tester
  • Item Type:Car Motorcycle Injector Cleaning Tool
  • Function:Petrol Vehicle 6/4 Cylinder Cleaner Tester
  • Feature 1:Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Feature 2:Compatible wiht 110V and 220V


This CT200 Fuel Injector Cleaner & Tester is with English Panel.
This latest generation ultrasonic injector cleaner upgrade version for CT100.
We can clean and test both petrol car and motorcycle injector with this machine.(motorcycle support HONDA YAMAHA SUZUKI SANYANG only)

Important Notice:


1. Because liquid can not ship by airmail, our CT200 do not contain Injector test liquid and Injector detergent. You can purchase it from your local market. Please kindly forgive. Liquid picture is for display.
2. If you feel the shipping cost is too high, pls contact us. I will check again and give you shipping discount.
3. This machine is 6-cylinder fuel injector cleaning machine(with 6tube but It also support for 4 cylinder after blocking two test tube )
a.) If 4-cylinder engine,when use the CT200 to clean and test 4 injector(there are 2 connector in machine should be stoppered).
b.) Eight-cylinder engine, when you use CT200 do clean the test, you should do clean the test twice per four injector.

4. Support no dismantle clean car fuel system. (Need additional connector kits, not include in the item. Add 70USD to get it)

5. The machine work on petrol injector, not for diesel injector
Autool Car Fuel Injector Cleaning Machine (3)



1. LED display;

2. Ultrasonic cleaning trough built-in;

3. Tool trolley make it more conveniently to operate;

4.Equip with high quality SIEMENS pump, make it endurable;




1.Ultrasonic cleaning , dismantle the carbide of the injector;

2.injector test. stimulate engine runing condition, test injector in different speed range,

Check and test injectors’s injection situation:atomization/sprayingangle/spraying mount/spraying uniformity;

3.leakage and block test;

4.Uniquely designed various compound bonder for all kinds of side-inlet injectors;

5.With reverse flush function, to clean inside out, to improve clean efficiency;

6.With a set of adaptors to clean injectors without dismantling it from the engine;



Autool Car Fuel Injector Cleaning Machine (4)Autool Car Fuel Injector Cleaning Machine (5)Autool Car Fuel Injector Cleaning Machine (6)

The CT200 cleaning machine how to work:

1 Clean injector’s outside with gasoline or cleaning liquid before open machine

2 Putting injectors in ultrasonic bathtub after the outside of injector are free of dirt.

3 Turn on ultrasonic system, pulsed allowing the ultrasonic energy to dislodge any particles even build-up inside the injectors.

4 Fixed injectors on main machine.


5 Testing injectors for resistance, shorts, and current draw.

6 Performing leak test, spray pattern, and flow rate testing on flow bench.

7 The injectors are now returned to the flow bench for retesting of all functions.




Operation points:
Ultrasonic cleaning:

1.The cleanser added into the ultrasonic cleaner just soaked the injectors’ needle is suitable.

2.Before the ultrasonic cleanser is added into ultrasonic cleaner, do not turn on the ultrasonic cleaner. Otherwise, damage may be incurred.

3.Strictly prohibit to put the pulse signal cable or its connecter into the cleanser, otherwise damage will be incurred.

4.The continue work time of the ultrasonic cleaner don’t be more than 30min, otherwise it will shorten the life.

5.Not in using, please put out the power plug.

Uniformity/Sprayability Test:

Under this function, the parameters of RPM, PW and time can be adjusted in real time.

Leakage Test:

Under this function, the parameter of fuel pressure can be adjusted in real time.
Injecting Flow Test:

Under this function, the parameter of fuel pressure can be adjusted in real time.

Auto mode Test:

Under this function, the parameter of fuel pressure can be adjusted in real time.




Package include:


1 x CT200 Unit
2 x Valve (for discharging fluid from machine tank)
6 x Adapter for fixing injector on machine
6 x linkage
6 x Blocker for block distributor
1 x Distributor Kits
1 x Impulse cable for providing power to open injector
1 x Manual(English)




Autool Car Fuel Injector Cleaning Machine (1)

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Weight 18.0 kg


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