KONNWEI KW820 OBDII/EOBD Scanner Auto Diagnostic Tool

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Latest KW820 OBDII/EOBD Code Reader supports all nine OBDII test modes on all OBDII EOBD compliant vehicles to enable technicians and home users to
accurately diagnose even the toughest problems. Sophisticated yet easy-to-use,               this hand-held scanning tool enables fast and easy access to engine based EOBD Fault codes, The CAN enabled tool gives clear, concise DTC definitions on its large back-lit LCD screen retrieves generic P0, P2 and P3 and U0 codes for engine emissions and also picks up manufacturer specific P1, P3 and U1 codes, Turns off MIL light, Stores freeze frame data for later evaluation and will also display monitor and I/M readiness status.

Works on all 1996 and later OBDII compliant US, European and Asian vehicles
Easily determines the cause of the Check Engine Light ( MIL)
Retrieves generic (P0, P2, P3, and U0) and manufacturer specific (P1, P3, and U1) codes
Turns off Check Engine Light (MIL), clears codes and resets monitors
Displays DTC definitions on unit screen
Views freeze frame data
Displays monitor and I/M readiness status (emissions)
Identifies pending codes
Reads live PCM datastream
Displays live O2 sensor test data
Graphs data C (1996 and newer)
Reads, stores & playbacks live sensor data
Memory/battery backup for off-vehicle data review and analysis
Multilingual menu:— English, Spanish, French,German
Performs modules present test
Retrieves vehicle information (VIN, CIN and CVN)
Supports CAN (Controller Area Network) and all other current
OBD-II protocols
Built-in OBD-II DTC lookup library
Large easy-to-read backlit LCD screen
Software upgradeable via internet
Prints data via PC

Works with the following:
OBDII/EOBD coverage(US, Asian & European) Reads & clears generic and some maunfactures trouble codes.

Screen Size        2.75inch
Version               Others
Function             Read trouble codes , Display current sensor data , Calculate fuel oil
Readparam         Engine RPM , Oxygen sensor voltages associated short term fuel trims                                 Fuel System status , Calculated Load Value,Coolant Temperature,                                   Fuel System Status , Vehicle Speed , Short Term Fuel Trim.
Wireless Bluetooth    No
Diagnose Interface    16pin
Supported Languages    English
Software Platform Supported    Win XP , Win 7

Other Features:
Working Voltage     8-18V
Working Current        1A
Cable Length        150cm

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