SuperPro 610P Universal IC Chip Device Programmer Xeltek

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SuperPro 610P Universal IC Chip Device Programmer Xeltek.


Product features

  • Ultra Fast Programming Speed: SuperPro 610P is designed with high programming speed in mind. Our semiconductor manufacturer approved algorithms, precision and clean signals guarantee high programming yield.
  • Tester for Logic Devices and SRAMs: SuperPro 610P is also designed for IC testing of various devices such as TTL, CMOS Logic (74/4000 series), and SRAM memory devices .
  • Technical Support: Xeltek is proud to offer same day support for technical and sales inquiries. We are available to help customers and representatives resolve issues or help with their requests in an effective way.
  • Advanced Software Features: SuperPro 610P software is supported on Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

Product description

SuperPro 610P is a high performance and low cost 48 pin programmer with USB2.0 interface which comes with free software updates. Be aware of fake and unauthorized Xeltek programmers.


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1 review for SuperPro 610P Universal IC Chip Device Programmer Xeltek

  1. 5 out of 5


    Super pro programmer is very easy to use

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