Launch X431 Pro3 HD 4.0 24V Diagnostic Scan Tool & OBD Plug Full world Kit

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Launch X431 Pro3 HD 24V Diagnostic Scan Tool & OBD Plug Full world Kit.


  • Diagnostic Functions: Read and clear DTC for the full system, read data streams, support bi-directional controls, and actuation test
  • Support USB, Bluetooth, and WiFi connection
  • For cars and trucks from 12V to 24V
  • High-speed and strong stability
  • Various connectors and cables are included to fit different vehicle models.

13 Service Functions:

  • DPF Regeneration
  • Injector Coding
  • Reset Service (MIL)
  • Maintenance Confirmation
  • Injection Quantity Adjustment
  • Particulate Filter Replacement Reset
  • Reset Pressure Differential Sensor
  • Reset Pressure Limiting Valve
  • Bleeding The Adblue Circuit
  • Trip Reset
  • VGT Electronic Actuator
  • Installation and Calibration
  • Parked SCR Efficiency Test
  • DPF Ash Accumulator Reset


  • Idle Speed Adjustment
  • Speed Limit
  • Cruise Control
  • Idle-Stop System
  • PTO
  • Coolant Level Switch
  • Exhaust Brake Valve
  • Intake Air Preheating
  • Vehicle Speed Controller
  • Air Conditioner
  • Oil Pressure Sensor
  • Electronic Fan
  • ABS
  • Automatic Transmission


    CPU 120MHz
    Power Consumption ≤3W
    Input Voltage 9~36V
    Working Temperature -10℃~50℃
    Diagnostic Communication Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi/ USB
    Dimension 204x110x45(mm)

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