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MMC Flasher is a multi-purpose flasher intended for Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Mazda, Ford, Nissan, Infiniti, Honda chip-tuning. The product is unique in the home and international software market.

MMC Flasher Advantages

MMC Flasher is an absolutely unique tool which allows to work with a great number of ECUs both via CAN bus and K-Line. MMC Flasher is unrivalled among other chip-tuning tools. Even though its coverage partly overlaps that of some free software, like EcuFlash (for MH8206F/MH8305F CPUs) it has some significant advantages which justify its price:

  • There is no need to create XML files description files. Reading and writing are done with two button. What can be easier!
  • You will never get the CPU type mixed up when using MMC Flasher. Reading and writing algorithms can be the same for some CPUs, but the file size is different. If you choose the wrong CPU type in EcuFlash, after reading and modifying it, and writing it again you can get a bricked ECU which could be difficult to recover.
  • After reading MMC Flasher automatically compares the contents of the ECU flash memory with the contents of the buffer, and in case of any difference it gives you a warning. You are guaranteed to read what is in the ECU.
  • MMC Flasher speed is considerably higher due to its unique algorithm.
  • If you have a stock file you can recover an ECU from any state. It makes the work with ECUs absolutely safe.

MMC Flasher Key Features:

  • A wide coverage of Japanese and Korean vehicles;
  • Checksum calculation, transfer of IMMO synchronization code or ECU VID for a number of the supported ECUs;
  • Regular updates and good technical support;
  • New ECUs and CPU types are added constantly; It works via a J2534 device (CAN), Openport 2 can be used to the full extent (with built-in reflash connector).

Technical support is porvided by the developer.

Please note the modules cannot be deactivated. If you provide the wrong dongle number, no refund will be possible.

After you have receive your dongle, please contact us via e-mail for activation.

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