1. Since when has OBD2CarTools come to existance?

OBD2CarTools started its OBD2 scanners business in 2010 through local contacts and OLX. This website however has been made in 2015 to display our products and to take online orders throughout Pakistan.

2. Which scanners do you keep in stock?

We have a wide variety of scanners in stock. Small home use bluetooth scanners to mid-range starter series for workshops, and high end heavy duty scanners for more sophisticated customers.

3. Can you arrange an item that is not available in stock?

Yes! we can arrange you any scanner that you want to buy. We take payment in advance and guarantee you a genuine product delivery. It takes upto 3 weeks to import the scanner of your choice.

4. Does your future WordPress theme need to work with the most current version of WordPress?

First, let me start out by stating you should always have the most recent version of WordPress installed. From functionality to security, keeping up with WordPress updates is important. That being said, some older themes may not support the newest versions of WordPress.

With each major release of WordPress comes new functionality. With new functionality come potential issues with older themes. An example of this is navigation menus, which was a theme feature introduced with Version 3.0 of WordPress. Older themes may not support this feature, which is a problem. A bigger problem occurs when a theme is so old it produces multiple concurrent issues when the user upgrades to the newest release of WordPress.

While most themes should support the latest version of WordPress, it is absolutely something you should verify prior to completing the purchase.

5. Do you backup purchases with a warranty?

Yes, we do, for more information, please click the Warranty link above.